We are open and we are able to help you using social distancing guidelines. In light of the COVID-19 outbreak, we wanted to inform our customers that we will be adhering strictly to all advice provided by the World Health Organisation. We are also closely observing all protocol advised by local and international authorities. The…

Green Scheme News Item

green homes grant scheme
Make Your Home Greener with the Government’s Help The Green Homes Initiative is being launched by the government in September 2020. This is where the government will pay two thirds of energy efficient home improvements up to the value of £5000. You apply online giving details of the energy efficiency measures you want to carry…

Lighting fire hazard

light hazard
This week we discovered this potential fire above a light in a bathroom !The light wasn’t even suitable for a bathroom…. We removed the problem, connected the cables properly in the loft above and fitted a new IP rated sealed LED light with safety RCD protection. The customer was very lucky not to have a…


led strip lights
This week we have installed some new LED strip lights to light up the front of a well known business in worcester.The LED strip lighting we have used on this project is great for display cabinets, kitchen work tops and various applications. Maybe you need some new lighting installed? We Hope to hear from you…


electrical rewiring
We recently rewired a local property in Worcester, the old rubber cabling pictured above had reached the end of its life quite a while ago and we didn’t find any safety Earthing cables at the property. As time passes it is easy to overlook the need to have your wiring checked and upgraded to keep…


isolator switch
Recently fitted this outdoor rotary isolator switch, It is designed for the outdoors, maybe to control a piece of equipment, in this case it was for an air conditioner, however we have installed this type of switch for a Jacuzzi Spa Bath, patio heaters, outdoor water features and ponds. Maybe you have an idea to…